SecureNet for Enterprise

Designed from the foundation to be secure, simple, and robust, ViewQwest SecureNet leverages on an advanced security stack embedded into the network core to handle all routing and switching between links — unlike traditional connectivity solutions that rely on physical routers and switches for each link.

ViewQwest can design and implement a bespoke SecureNet solution for the unique needs of an enterprise network. Leveraging on Palo Alto Networks’ network-based, machine-learning Next-Generation Firewall, SecureNet protects companies against up to 95% of known & unknown threats, without compromising network performance.


Simplified Network Security Management

Traffic from all sites must traverse the security stack to communicate to the Internet, the Data Centre, or other company sites. The security stack is centralised at the network core, resulting in ease of network and security management and elimination of the need for site visits to configure or replace security appliances on the network edge.

Bandwidth Efficiency & Cost Management

ViewQwest’s SecureNet Enterprise solution is delivered via a private Layer-2 (L2) network that delivers guaranteed bandwidth throughout the network and is backed by an SLA of 99.95% availability for all sites. The bandwidth will be generally 10x vs MPLS, at a much lower cost. SecureNet Enterprise enables all sites to exit the Internet from the network core without having to route via the Data Centre, resulting in high-performance connectivity and a far superior end-user experience than the MPLS-based architecture.

Zero-Trust Network Security

SecureNet addresses the security risk of unrestricted lateral traffic movement across an organisation’s sites. All traffic across sites is inspected and managed in a central, fully redundant solution. All sites regardless of Internet, Data Center or branch are segmented from each other in a Zero-Trust architecture --- where no site is trusted by default from inside or outside the network, and verification is required before gaining access to resources on the network. This provides an added layer of security proven to prevent data breaches within the enterprise network.

Secure your digital enterprise & remote workforce

ViewQwest is here to help you determine the right solution that meets your company’s immediate needs while you prepare for your digital future. Contact us for the right solution today.