Affordable WAN Connectivity
Secure Multi-site Connectivity • High Bandwidth • Scalable

Fibernet™ L3VPN

Connect your business across multiple sites across Singapore with ViewQwest’s Fibernet™ L3VPN service. As your business grows, the complexities of managing your network increase.

ViewQwest has built a robust network that is ideal for enterprise connectivity. Empower your business with a secure, flexible and scalable managed Wide Area Network (WAN) solution. With a fixed monthly fee per office location, your business will get a both high-performing Internet service and secure connection between multiple offices.

With flexible network topology options, achieve maximum control with an affordable managed WAN solution.



Full Mesh



Your business can add new sites easily, without affecting your existing WAN network.


We encrypt all private communications between sites that travel over the Internet, securing your valuable data.


With multiple network topology options available, such as Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and full mesh, ViewQwest can customise a flexible deployment strategy that is ideally suited for your business needs.

High Bandwidth

ViewQwest provides businesses with high bandwidth Managed WAN solutions cost effectively, removing the need for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to prioritise types of services over a smaller pipe.


Integrated Internet Service

Save cost and combine your Internet and Intranet requirements into one, with Fibernet™ L3VPN.

Managed Firewall Service

ViewQwest provides enterprise-grade advanced firewall protection and policies to help safeguard your network.

Network Monitoring

Monitor your current bandwidth utilisation at each site, gain more visibility to help to plan and maximise your resources.

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