Private and Secure Connection to the Cloud
High Performance • Secure • Supports all Major Cloud Service Providers

Direct Cloud Connect

Cloud solutions promise businesses increased flexibility, efficiency, cost-savings and mobility. With the rise of cloud services, there is a growing need for enterprises to access mission-critical data and processes in real time, utilising secure, direct and dedicated connections to their cloud providers.

Connecting to Cloud services using the regular Internet access has proven to be less reliable and secure, ViewQwest delivers seamless layer 2 Ethernet connections to businesses in order to provide a quality connection directly to major cloud services such as Microsoft Azure® and Office 365.

ViewQwest streamlines your network by consolidating multiple connections into a single service. Connecting directly to individual cloud services can be a hassle with different processes for different providers; with ViewQwest, you can connect hassle free to the Internet, colocate your servers and connect to major cloud providers with a single point of contact.

DCC Diagram



Enterprises can receive ready access to most major cloud providers with ViewQwest. Further connections to other cloud providers can be added with an automated process with near real-time provisioning.

Stable & High Performance Connectivity

With a private connection to the cloud that bypasses the regular Internet, businesses are able to achieve a consistent and stable connection that delivers guaranteed speeds.


ViewQwest provides easily scalable bandwidth options from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, and we are able to provision additional lines quickly as your business expands.

Streamlines Your Network

Businesses can simplify their network with a single vendor. ViewQwest provides tier 3 colocation space, connects your office to the data centre, cross connect fees, various connections to major cloud providers and Dedicated Internet Access all in one. As the single point of contact, we provide a high performance and cost-effective solution.


By consolidating multiple services into one, we offer very competitive rates to our customers, enabling cost savings for your business while improving the performance of cloud-based applications and operational efficiency.


Dedicated Bandwidth

ViewQwest offers the fastest speeds in the nation, of up to 10Gbps, delivered over our independently-owned, robust network.

Secure Layer 2 Protection

Leveraging Metro Ethernet technology, ViewQwest delivers private and dedicated Layer 2 connections to the cloud, providing a secure environment for enterprises with security concerns about transferring sensitive data over the Internet.

Service Level Assurance

Rest easy with our high availability service, backed up with commercial SLAs of 99.95%.

Ultra Low Latency

ViewQwest has built an ultra-low latency Metro network across Singapore, designed to carry Gigabit Ethernet natively, guaranteeing less than 1ms end-to-end within Singapore. By implementing Intelligent Routing on our network edge, our network automatically selects the best path to your destination taking into consideration packet loss, latency, jitter, congestion and more, by constantly analysing all available paths.

24x7 Technical Support

We provide round the clock support, with a dedicated team to specifically handle our business customers.

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