Productivity Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme

With ViewQwest, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can upgrade their business operations at a lowered cost using Singapore’s Government Funded PIC scheme.

The scheme is designed to encourage innovation and productivity for businesses to improve processes and gain a competitive edge through investing in IT infrastructure. All businesses can apply for a 40% cash payout to acquire or lease IT and Automation Equipment.

ViewQwest offers fibre broadband options for SMEs to access faster fibre speeds and enables cost savings for businesses with heavier IT requirements:

FibernetTM Lite
Recommended for 5 - 20 users

100Mbps to 500Mbps

Up to 1 Static IP
Recommended for 10 - 100 users

100Mbps to 500Mbps

Up to 16 Static IPs

99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
For more details on the PIC scheme and company eligibility, please visit IRAS website.